Michelle Stevens ~ Senior Stylist

Years Experience:

43 years

Years at Dolce Vita:

10 years

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I gave my first haircut at age 4. My familys response told me I better learn to do it the right way. That 4 decades is not a typo. I’ve always loved doing hair.


Additional training: Structure in Motion cutting techniques with Sexy Hair Concepts.

My Hours:
Monday:  Off
Tuesday:  Off
Wednesday:  Off
Thursday: 9:30am – 5pm  (early mornings/evenings by request)
Friday:  9:30am – 6pm  (early mornings/evenings by request)
Saturday:  9am – 3pm  (early mornings/evenings by request)
Sunday:  Off
My Services:
Conditioning Treatments
Hair Color
Smoothing Treatments
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