We love to educate at Dolce Vita! It’s important that our clients know what their options are for creating beautiful hair, skin, make-up and nails. We are here for YOU! Visit this page often for updated videos that will inspire you to achieve the look you’re wanting for yourself. If you need a personal session with one of our specialists, please visit our “contact us” page to request an appointment. On the “contact us” page, you will be able to share your feedback and let us know what other types of tutorials you would like to see on our website. Your confidnece will shine through once you know how to create and duplicate these looks you see below.

Rene Furterer How to Videos and explanation:
How to apply Triphasic:

To treat hair loss and extend the life of your hair, the TRIPHASIC VHT ATP Intensif Regenerating treatment acts in three stages for the three factors responsible for progressive hair loss: vascular, hormonal, and tissular. Use twice a week for 1 month as an intensive treatment, then once a week for 2 months. After shampooing, apply the entire bottle to a clean and damp scalp, working section by section. Massage the scalp to encourage product penetration. Do not rinse.

Explaining Hair Loss:

How to apply Complex 5:

A true elixir for beautiful hair, COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating plant extract tones the scalp and strengthens the hair right from the root. Apply COMPLEXE 5 once or twice a week directly to the scalp, section by section. Massage in. A sensation of heat due to the activation of microcirculation may occur. Leave in 5 to 10 minutes.

Kevin Murphy How to Videos:
How to Apply Rough Rider

Strong Hold. Matte Clay.

How to properly use hydrate-me.masque:

A repairing and smoothing masque infused with Rose Hip & Evening Primrose Oil. Contains Kakadu Plum, Seaweed and vitamin charged treatment capsules that explode on contact to deliver hydration and moisture.


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To make a vibrant red like this last, here are some tips by our color specialist Hair by D'nae.

Make sure you’re refreshing your color every 4-6 weeks by a professional stylist.
Use color treated-sulphate free shampoo like Angel Wash by Kevin Murphy.
Dnae’s favorite tip of all.....
When rinsing our conditioner use cool water. Hot water leads to faster fading.

Are you consistent with keeping your 🔥 locks healthy?
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Here are some great tips from our vivid color specialist Bettina Bourdens.

1. Before your color appointment, prepare your hair with a nourishing mask, like Rene Fuerter Karité. Healthy hair will hold color better & you’ll get a truer-to-tone result.
2. After your color, spread out your shampoo days & use a dry shampoo like Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair.
3. When shampooing, use a cool water temperature & a color protect shampoo like Rene Fuerter Okara. Then every other week, use Viral color shampoo. It will deposit a bit of color & keep it looking bright.
4. Any heat styling? A thermal protectant is a must! Rene Fuerter Lissea will protect from heat damage of styling tools up to 428 degrees.
5. Ready to transition? Stop using the Viral shampoo & let the color start it’s fade. All the soft, fading colors can be just as magical to wear.
6. Have fun! 💖

Our Bettina is so much fun to be around. If you’re considering a vivid hair color journey in your future, she is your girl!!
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Dolce Vita Salon is with Vanessa Colombo.Thursday, February 1st, 2018 at 6:00am
Do you struggle with your curly hair ? Here are some tips from our curl specialist Vanessa.

Want a Curly hair 7 day game changer tip?

Stop washing your hair every day!

Day 1. Clarify hair with Maxi wash by Kevin Murphy to remove build up. Apply a leave-in conditioner and sublime curl or karinga curl cream by Rene Furterer. Air dry.
Day 2: Apply leave-in conditioner
Day 3. Apply leave-in conditioner
Day 4. Apply leave-in conditioner
Day 5. Shampoo with a moisture or protein shampoo with a P.h level of 4.5-5.5 like Karinga Shampoo or Sublime curl by Rene Furterer. Use leave-in conditioner and styling cream same as above
Day 6. Leave-in conditioner
Day 7. Leave-in conditioner

Has anyone tried this technique before ? Or do you have a technique that is working for you and wish to share ? We’d love to hear from you!
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