Intense Conditioning Treatment concentrates can repair damaged hair that is breaking off from overuse of heating elements, environmental exposure or medications.

Treatments can also maximize color durability and shine, and build body into fine, lifeless hair.

Our treatments contain high levels of concentrated vitamins and nutrients. These concentrated formulas get into the cortex of the hair strand and help rebuild your hair’s quality to healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

Luxury Scalp Treatment will detoxify your scalp, promoting a healthy environment for your hair to grow. This treatment will cleanse, purify and energize the scalp while removing impurities without stripping the hair. This is a great service for those wanting to stimulate blood flow to your scalp area. Plant extracted essential oils infused with orange and lavender are used for this treatment. 

Luxury Scalp Soothing Treatment: Soothe, comfort and protect irritated scalp with a cooling mint and eucalyptus blend of essential oils that instantly relieve itching and discomfort while calming the scalp protecting from further sensitivity to promote the ideal setting for healthy hair growth.

Both these services can be added to your service or as a stand alone service that will include a luxuriuos blow-out. 

Use of professional shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist to support your investment only makes your hair and scalp repair happen sooner.

Conditioning treatments will last approximately up to 10 days depending on how much you wash your hair.

Scalp treatments are safe to perform once a week to calm or rid the scalp of impurities but, are not recommended before a color service. 

Service Prices
Intense Conditioning Treatment-added to service


Luxury Scalp Treatment- Add to haircut or blow-dry service- $35 

Rene Furterer- proprietary infused blend of essential oils 



*Price of blowout service will vary with level of stylist.

* Invigorating scalp treatments are not recommended before color service.